About Us

Port Dermal was founded and formulated by Dermal Therapist Maddie Caruana-Nassif, the idea was born on the shores of Port Stephens in NSW, Australia. A cosy little coastal town that has been Maddie's home for a lifetime, this is where the inspiration for her love and passion came together and created a skin care range that was specifically customised to the individual and their skin concerns.

Maddie not only is our creator she also runs a clinic called Skin Rejuvenation Clinic with her mother who is a registered nurse. Maddie has grown up in this industry and it would only seem fitting that she eventually created her own skin care range.

Port Dermal is about correcting your skin and helping it to get back on track. We all suffer from concerns with our skin however we are not aware of the options available to us. This is where Port Dermal is your point of difference and offers something different, we will consult with you and help you to begin your journey by getting you onto the correct skincare products specific for your skin type and personalise it to meet your needs.

Port Dermal has two specific line Mediku which is a medical grade range that was born after Maddie's passion for a results driven skin care that actually performs and then there are her other passions in life that brought about Naturali, our Australian made, vegan friendly, cruelty free line specifically again being results driven and eco-friendly.

No matter what your skincare concerns we are able to give you advice and knowledge on the correct path for home care treatment.